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Hi! My name is Amy and I am a contributor for The Green Mama. I have recently started my journey with Beautycounter and I wanted to share my story. This is not your typical cosmetic line, read below to find out why!

My journey with Beautycounter started last fall. My husband owns a Natural Healthcare Center and he was having a Holiday Party for his patients. One vendor was a patient of his, Mandy, and she has a table full of beauty products. I thought – I am out of mascara, how perfect! I can grab mascara and it must be safe or natural if she’s here. So I went up to her and said, “Do you have mascara? I’m all out!” Her response? “No, Beautycounter hasn’t formulated a safe enough mascara yet, but it is something they are working on.” Wait. What? I was shocked. A beautyline that doesn’t have a basic product like mascara? Why? Then, Mandy said, “Beautycounter was created to get safe products into the hands of everyone. If they haven’t figured out how to make an effective product that isn’t safe, they aren’t going to sell it until they do.” Wow. She followed with, “Did you know that there has not been a major federal law passed in the United States to regulate the safety of ingredients in personal care products since 1938?” What? Did I hear that correctly? It’s been 68 years since there has been a major law protecting me from the products that I put on my body every single day? WHAT! (P.S. Beautycounter finally launched their mascara!! After 3 years in the making, it has been released and it’s amazing. Check it out here.)

So, I left the party – not with new, safe mascara but with my mind racing. I may not be a makeup junkie, but when I do wear makeup, I want to be rest assured that it is as safe as possible. What about all my other products? My shampoo, my body wash, my face wash…MY KID’S STUFF! I couldn’t stop thinking about Beautycounter. So, The Green Mama in me came out and my new mission was to find out everything that I could about Beautycounter. I started researching their products and the company. I discovered that they were a direct sales-type company and I immediately saw a red flag. “Oh. Multi Level Marketing?? [sigh] Well, they seem to be onto something…let me dig deeper.” (Note: Beautycounter is not actually a multi level marketing company… but I will explain this later…)

The last thing I want to be is “just another mom selling just another product.” MLM-type companies have gotten a bad reputation and quite frankly give me a bit of hibbie jibbies. But from the start, Beautycounter did something different for me. Mandy, my husband’s patient, didn’t try to upsell me other products. She didn’t try to get me to sign up underneath her. She educated me. “Did you know that there has not been a major federal law passed in the United States to regulate the safety of ingredients in personal care products since 1938?” This information stayed with me. I thought, this is an entirely different feeling that I have received from any other direct retail brand. So, my research continued.

From my time with The Green Mama, I have learned to take research into my own hands. I have become familiar with websites like B Corporation and The Environmental Working Group (EWG). BCorps is a certification that companies can apply for, but they must meet rigorous social and environmental standards on performance, accountability and transparency. To my surprise, Beautycounter scored an 88 which is a whopping 26 points higher than the average B Corp. Ok, I’m impressed.

EWG is a non-profit that was designed to help the public make educated decisions on health and safety on everything from your water to the cleaners underneath your sink. They have an incredible website and APP called Skin Deep where you can look up over 60,000 products to see how toxic they are and how they may be affecting your health. Sure enough, Beautycounter was on EWG and you know what else? Their products weren’t only rated as some of the safest products on the site, but Beautycounter works directly with EWG to make sure that Beautycounter products align with EWG’s mission and strict rules.

Speaking of strict rules, here’s another fact I learned from Beautycounter: “The European Union has spent the past two decades banning or restricting more than 1,300 ingredients, the US has only banned 11 to date.” SERIOUSLY!?! So, not surprisingly, Gregg Renfrew (Founder and CEO of Beautycounter) made it her mission to ensure that every Beautycounter product would pass her own strict health and safety rules. “At Beautycounter, we’ve banned more than 1,500 ingredients setting a new health and safety standard.” Gregg created The Never List which is over 1,500 ingredients compiled together that will never, ever, be in any Beautycounter product. Are you starting to like Beautycounter more and more? Me too. I kept researching.

Ok – Gregg Renfrew and her team have done an incredible job keeping Beautycounter products safe. But, do they actually work? Yes. Gregg knew that if her products wouldn’t work, they wouldn’t sell. She partnered with celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman who had made a name for herself as being a makeup artist who could provide you that runway look without sacrificing your health.  As I mentioned before, I am no makeup junkie. But when I do wear makeup, I want to look natural, beautiful, and have a sweet glow.

Ok. This company seems to be walking the walk and talking the talk. Let me try these products and see if they work. I called up my husband’s patient, Mandy, and asked if I could learn more. She kindly let me borrow several of her products to try them out. You know what? I loved them. I truly loved them. So I asked myself…could I do this? Could the girl who hardly wears makeup, sell a beauty line? Could I go against my prejudged feelings of direct sales-type companies and try to sell these products to women everywhere? I had already decided that I wanted to use these products myself. I want my daughter to use these. I want my mother and my sisters to use these. I want the people I love to use safe products and not have to worry about questioning their beauty products. I am a stay at home mom, so if I did join Beautycounter, I could sell as much or as little as I wanted – my commitment level is completely my choice. Wait, does that mean I could be making my own money again? That. Would be a great feeling.

So you know what? I did it. I joined Beautycounter and so far, it has been an incredible journey. It is giving me so much more than products that I enjoy using. The social activist in me is able to educate others about the truth about the cosmetic industry. The entrepreneur in me gets to learn about building my own business. The independent woman in me gets a paycheck with my very own name on it. The Green Mama in me is proud to use a product that has been made with me, my children, my earth, and my future in mind. I am still getting used to the idea that this is my new normal. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been quite the adjustment. But this change has only brought positives into my life. I am so excited for this journey, to share my story with others, and to be part of a company that I wish so many other companies would follow. Are you as impressed with Beautycounter as I am? If you want to know more about Beautycounter, their mission, or their products, I would be honored to speak with you!


Amy Kay

P.S. Did you know Beautycounter just launched in Canada!?!?  In case you missed it, here’s an interview with Gregg Renfrew in The Vancouver Sun.

P.S.S. Early I noted that Beautycounter is not a MLM but rather a Direct Retail Brand. All that means is that  Beautycounter did not want to be just another brand on the shelf. The number one priority of Beautycounter is to get to educate; to get safer products into the hands of everyone and we believe this is best sold by sharing our stories person to person. Every independent consultant has a different reason for believing in Beautycounter and those are the stories worth telling. It’s about relationships. It just so happens that Beautycounter also has amazing products to support their incredible mission.

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Checkout the EWG rating – all products rate low as 1-3! Beautycounter was created to give customers products with no added “fragrances” (remember, this is a code word that can cover several scary ingredients) or other harmful ingredients that can is unsafe you or your family.

Design Rating:

Simply beautiful. When you look at products online, there is a description of what the packaging is made out of how and you can recycle it. Did you know that on one side the language is in English and the other side is in French? That’s because we just launched in Canada!

Social Rating:

Every Beautycounter product is a B Corps which means they are held to extremely high social and environmental standards.

Carbon Rating:

Beautycounter products are all made in the USA. They can only be shipped in the USA and Canada. 

Waste Rating:

All product material is recyclable – even the packaging. Beautycounter products are shipped to you in simple, yet beautiful cardboard boxes with minimal (yet recyclable) packaging.

Value Rating:

With Beautycounter products, you will be paying more than if you were to buy in your average market on the corner. However, you are paying for safety, transparency, and the assurance that these products are set to an incredibly high standard for you and your family.

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