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Babble & Koo

Handmade modern and whimsical accessories for babies

Henry wears Harem Trouser,  Leather Moccasins, and Cat Rattle by Babble & Koo // Hat Lynn Steven // Cardigan Earth Baby Outfitters 


Babble & Koo is a new Vancouver-based brand making handmade accessories and clothing for babies. They use a combination of upcycled and new textiles to create one-of-a-kind items for the little ones in  your life. You can find Babble & Koo online on their Facebook and Instagram  and also in person this weekend at the 5th Annual Strathcona Winter Craft Fair .

What's To Love?:

– mama-run independent business

– affordable and stylish

– uses recycled and locally sourced materials

– unique one-of-a-kind products

What’s Not To Love ?

– not certified organic

– small-scale production

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Since Babble & Koo uses upcycled components they cannot guarantee that the cotton is organic. However since their entire line is made from natural materials it is a healthier option for your family and the planet than buying new conventional clothing from big box stores.

Design Rating:

It’s hard to go wrong with simple designs. Babble & Koo has picked up on this and is keeping their line classic and accessible. They may not be reinventing the wheel, but their harem pants, moccasins, and toys are functional and attractive. I especially love the generous cut of the harem pants (perfect for a cloth diapered bottom !).

Social Rating:

Behind the seams at Babble & Koo there is just one momtrepreneur who is turning her DIY sensibilities and strong work ethic into beautiful and sustainable products for your family. When you buy these quality garments you are promoting waste reduction and  supporting Vancouver’s thriving creative community of independent makers.


Carbon Rating:

Babble & Koo is a small home run business. They currently do not have a webstore and are not shipping. This hyper local approach means that their carbon footprint is negligible.

Waste Rating:

Babble & Koo is mitigating textile waste by repurposing old clothing. By breathing new life into these garments they are diverting them from landfills and helping new parents stay conscious of our global waste crisis.

Value Rating:

With prices in the 12-40$ range, Babble and Koo is an affordable entry point into the vast world of beautiful handmade baby accessories.