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Akamai Basics

Akamai Basics is a new company that is revolutionizing personal care products. The have developed a system of 3 ultra-clean multi-use products that take you through all of your daily health and beauty routine effectively and fuss free! Read on to find out how Akamai’s “radically simplified, back to basics, truly natural approach” can change your beauty outlook, save you time and money, and keep your body and environment clean.

What's To Love?:

– Made in the USA.
– cruelty-free
– vegan
– paleo
– gluten free
– non-GMO
– sustainably sourced
– Biodegradable

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Akamai Basics does a great job of making consumers aware of its full ingredient list and the health boosting qualities of each naturally derived component. This kind of transparency and honesty is refreshing in the health and beauty product industry, where full disclosure is not necessary or de rigueur. This has huge impacts on personal health, as the ingredients that we place on our skin, scalp, and in our mouth are directly absorbed into our bodies much the same way food is absorbed as we digest it. Choosing clean, organic, and naturally derived personal health care products is key for overall health and wellbeing.
My only complaint with Akamai is that most of their products aren’t certified organic. This is understandable for make-up or other products–because the USDA organic standard is meant to apply to food which means that the final product must be virtually edible as well as free from  harmful chemical additives–but investing in the standard for their essential oils, lotions, and other products makes it a whole lot easier for people to know their products are really as green as they say.

Design Rating:

Akamai products were designed to help streamline your personal care routine. Everything from packaging, to ingredients, to purchasing is simple, streamlined, and clean.
The set-it-and-forget-it 60-day supply means that you don’t have to think about running out of an essential like toothpaste. It also helps you to understand how you’re using products and how long you’ve had each one open for… which is important for efficacy and health when it comes to natural beauty products that don’t have the stabilizing chemicals of conventional big brand cosmetics. I really love that you can customize your order. I found that the toothpaste supply is good for me for 2 months, but I need more of the skin fuel oil (because I love to moisturize and I am pregnant!!) and less of the 3-in-1 bar. Even though I have long hair, I am used to not showering and washing my hair every day. So I found that I had way too much. For me, I need 2 skin fuels, 1 3-in-one bar, and 1 toothpaste.

Social Rating:

Akamai currently donates 1% of their sales to the Environmental Working Group to help them spread awareness about how the environment around us impacts our health and wellbeing, and how we impact the environment.
They also source all their palm products through RSPO, an organization that was created to certify sustainably grown palm oil.

Carbon Rating:

By ordering all your made-in-usa  personal care products in one package 6 times a year you are greatly reducing your carbon footprint versus the 'traditional' model of personal care, which has consumers running out to the store to buy various products that are manufactured and shipped from all over the world !

Waste Rating:

Akamai has waste reduction built into its DNA. The whole philosophy and system is about simplifying your routine so you need less personal care products, and thus create less waste in the form of packaging and discarded leftover products. The products are composed of simple and natural ingredients that are safe and biodegradable when they head down the drain.

Value Rating:

Another great feature of the streamlined Akamai approach is its lowered cost. Unlike other beauty brands that charge you big money for chemical and filler based concoctions, Akamai is giving you great value for pure and simple products that are effective. the essentials kit, a 2 month supply, is $38 dollars plus a flat 5$ shipping rate. Which equates to less than 75 cents a day for all of your personal care product needs !

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