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Home Ec: Garden Bounty Infused Water

This is almost too easy to call a recipe. Basically I am suggesting that instead of giving in to the pleas for juice (whether they come from your children or your own inner child) you make delicious infused water ! Infused water is basically just cutting up organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs and adding it to your water to give it a natural and subtle flavour enhancement. I find this is particularly great when you are travelling to somewhere and the taste of the water isn’t like home. The classic lemon spa water is delicious but isn’t local to Vancouver. Here are three combo’s I love that I can pick right out of my garden.

-cucumber & mint

-raspberry & basil

-apple & cinnamon

– strawberry & blueberry



**Remember that for most North American’s, tap water is always preferable to bottled when it comes to the environment, but that all tap water isn’t created equal and shouldn’t always be trusted. Learn about water processing and additives in your area and consider investing in a great water filtration system for your family.