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Home Ec: DIY dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is just what it sounds like–dry–and you use it dry! In other words, it’s a new mother’s little helper. Don’t have time for a shower and the pony tail look isn’t cutting it–DIY dry shampoo is the trick. The issue with shampooing in general is that its literally addictive. The more you shampoo the more of the natural oils that are stripped from the hair and the scalp and thus the more the body produces to compensate. The solution is to shampoo less. This is easy if you are my husband with thick, coarse hair that looks great the longer he waits to wash it, but my thinner, fine hair looks oily fast. I think of DIY dry shampoo as a way to buy time between shampoos. I can usually get an extra couple of days from it: longer for those with dryer scalps and less if you are just working on breaking a shampoo addiction.

At the simplest you can make your own DIY dry shampoo with just a bit of baking soda, which does wonders to soak the oils and absorb any odours, but it can leave a sort of pale residue on darker hair.

If you feel like getting more serious try this recipe:

  1. Mix equal parts organic corn starch (or arrowroot) and baking soda. (One Tbsp of each is a great place to begin, or make more and put it in a salt shaker for use in the bathroom.)
  2. Optional: add 2 to 3 drops of your favourite essential oil. It is just to give it a great smell, you don’t want the end product to be goopy.
  3. Optional: for darker hair you can add a pinch of pure organic cocoa powder (without sugar) or a pinch of cinnamon (particularly nice for hair with red or golden colours in it).

Add the dry shampoo powder to the roots of your hair, not the scalp (which can get itchy) and not the ends (which get dry enough). You can even work an extra drop of essential oil or two into the ends to add a little extra moisture and good smell where you want it.