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About The Green Mama


I specialize in challenges—not just the ideal “green” but what is practical and possible given your real-world constraints. Whether working with families, family businesses, large daycares, or in service to some of the world’s poorest women and children, I like figuring out what will work for you and the future.

The media has called me “the green guru” and “serious, but not absolute.” Over and over, my clients say things like “it’s fun” and “she changed my life.” My clients have called me in the wee hours of the morning to discuss their daycare switching to cloth diapers, to ask about greener menstrual options, or to figure out how to deal with lice in an institution, because they know that I love it!

Here’s a peek into some of my projects: past and current.

De-Toxify YOUR Pregnancy, Nursery, Diet, Home

The bad news: There are over  74 billion pounds of industrial chemicals manufactured or imported everyday in North America. And we know that these chemicals are find their way into our bodies: our children are born pre-polluted with over 200 known toxins. The good news: Parents can have an immediate impact in reducing their children’s exposures in the places of greatest impact–the bedroom, home, and what goes in and on our bodies. The other good news, going green in this area doesn’t have to cost more money… it can even save you a bundle! Learn more.

love your belly



Childcare, School, Orphanage, and Institutional Consulting

The bad news: We spend most of our time indoors and yet our indoor environments are 7 to 10 times more polluted than our outdoor air. Air pollution can effect a child’s development and learning and our school buildings, childcare centers, and institutions are among the most polluted. The good news: Manda Aufochs Gillespie has worked with institutions in the U.S., Canada, and Guatemala to create vibrant, green, healthy spaces that meet local health regulations, support the health and development of the child, stay within budget, and are fun places to live and work!


Business Consulting

The good news: The eco-aware mom market represents the vast majority of mothers in North America–worth over a trillion dollars–and green is one of the fastest growing sectors of the food industry, the building industry, and the beauty industry. The bad news: is that greenwashing (pretending to be healthy and green) is also prevalent. Consumers are catching on. How can you really go green, speak the language of the eco-aware mom, and bring your whole team with you? The Green Mama has worked with one-woman mompreneurs and large corporations (food retailers, sports equipment, and marketing firms) to do everything from train employees, find truly green products, and help everyone learn how to speak (and think) green.

biz consulting

Writing/PR Services

Are you ready to get that blog turned into a book? Or do you just need help figuring out the “story” that will sell you or your product? The Green Mama can help you tell your story and get it published (or marketed.)

writing services

Classes/Education & Speaker for hire

The Green Mama classes are fun, upbeat, and educational and people leave saying things like “I learned more in two hours than I did the entire time I was pregnant!” “If only I had The Green Mama when I was pregnant with my first child” and “Manda Aufochs Gillespie, The Green Mama, spoke at the very first WeCapella event in May 2014. She was a compelling public speaker, voted among a top 3 favourite by the audience.”




Manda likes to talk about her passion for empowering parents and growing greener communities. She has been the go-to expert for green living for a long time and you can read and hear (and even watch) her talk about this passion. Check out the press.