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Home Ec: Cream cheese frosting


1/2 cup or 115 grams organic cream cheese at room temperature (or try kefir or yoghurt cheese)
2-6 TBSP honey (to taste)
2-3 TBSP whole, organic yoghurt (if you have it)


Blend by hand or with a hand mixer. I’ve even done it in a blender.
Refrigerate (if needed) until it is a good spreading consistency.


This recipe makes enough to generously frost a two-layer 9″ cake.

You could also try using yogurt cheese or kefir cheese in place of the cream cheese for a yummy probiotic frosting! Just make sure that you strain them long enough to reach a firm consistency like that of cream cheese or the icing will be too runny. Also remember that yogurt cheese and kefir cheese are a little more sour than cream cheese so you may need to add a little extra honey.