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Speaking, Classes & Workshops

People love to learn in community. The Green Mama’s upbeat attitude, in-depth information, and love of story-telling makes her a great speaker: whether she is presenting to an audience of 1,000 or with a small handful of new moms in a Green Mama Cafe style group.


Green Mama at Wecapella

Green Mama at Wecapella

The Green Mama will speak to your group. Some popular (and fun) topics include

    • Today’s surprising parenting trends and what science says about their long-term benefits (and cons).
    • The art and science of giving children a healthy start and greener future.
    • How Canadian children are more at-risk than their U.S. counterparts and what you can do to protect them.
    • Three unexpected ways to keep your children safe and make parenting easier.
    • How to worry smart while giving children a healthy start and greener future.




The Green Mama classes are information-packed while being upbeat and interactive. Most workshops are designed to be 1 ½ to 2 hours long and have been held for groups as small as 2 to as large as 300, for low-income mothers and for corporate workers, and for every-one in between. Whether at a library, museum, corporate office, or over brunch in your home, these classes will entertain as well as inform. Available in person or on a computer near you!

Green Parenting 101There is a great deal of media attention about the risks associated with everything from the toys in your playroom to the water bottle in your purse. Wonder what is really important? Green Parenting 101 gives you answers. Learn more about how to feed your family better, avoid toxic toys, simple solutions for better skincare, safe ways to protect against germs, how to get the toxins out of the nursery, and strategies to green up your diaper routine. This is an interactive class that provides the research on a variety of timely topics of concern to families and provides real-world solutions for instituting change while juggling the restraints of family finances, time, and energy.Live Green, Save GreenLive Green, Save Green will help both the novice and the eco-savvy navigate the various lifestyle options and consumer choices available to protect the health of family and planet. Learn cost-effective ways to green your life and feed your family better, resources for conserving energy and water at home, and tips for cleaning. This is an interactive class that provides the research on a variety of timely topics and provides real-world solutions for instituting change while juggling the restraints of finances, time, and energy.Climate Change for Dummies & Smarty PantsIn this – series, you will learn the background on climate change. What it is. Why it is happening and what all the fuss is about. Demystify terms such as carbon footprint, greenhouse gas production, and carbon diet.  In the second part, you will learn how to calculate your own carbon footprint and will tailor a carbon diet to your lifestyle. Simple, fun, and interactive.Un-Toxify Your NurseryThe nursery is often the most toxic room in the house. This workshop promises to save parents hours of frustration and thousands of dollars by identifying the common mishaps most new parents fall into and what to prioritize for moving forward: from healthier furniture and finishings to establishing routines that will save money and resources.

Green Your Daycare 101

Greening Your Daycare 101 is designed to help owners, directors, and teachers green the daily practices in their centers. Learn  what other centers are doing to avoid toxic toys, provide healthier food, create better indoor air quality, improve daily health practices, conserve energy and water resources, reduce waste, and save money. This is a fast-paced class that covers a mixture of research,  case studies, and lessons learned.

A Green Mama Workshop at a community center

A Green Mama Workshop at a community center



Workshops/ Series

Workshop intensives are typically day-long sessions featuring the information of many workshops in one and series are hour-long classes designed to happen over a series of three to 16 weeks, includes the Green Mama book.

Going Green for Me and Baby to Be

If you are an expectant parent, preparing to adopt, or trying to conceive, this workshop is for you… all welcome! We will provide tips and tools guiding you from fertility/pre-pregnancy through the first few weeks of your baby’s life.
Our experts will cover skincare, label reading, greener food choices, food and fertility, greener cleaning, removing toxins, breastfeeding, green diapering and more mama related topics.  Special guests typically include: nutritionist, lactation consultant, doula, midwife/doctor.

Green Parenting Intensive

The Green Parenting Intensive goes in-depth on all the topics covered in Green Parenting 101 and Untoxify your Nursery including: organic foods for children; breastfeeding, better bottles, and safer formulas; label reading 101; making safe baby skincare products; cloth diapering (and green potty training); and how to untoxify your nursery. Special guests typically include: nutritionist or chef, lactation consultant, post-partum doula.


The Living Green Series

Create community and learn! The Living Green Family Series goes in-depth on all the topics covered in the Live Green, Save Green topics including: feeding your family better; making your own green personal care products; saving money and resources; reducing waste; understanding plastics; and tips on finding good green goods. The green lifestyle series is an opportunity to learn and share with a group of like-minded individuals and to create a support network that will help make green living fun and sustainable!


The Green Mama Café: Brain food and community for parents is an interactive group for parents, especially new mothers, intended to foster community and provide support for families pursuing green lifestyles. Session typically run a semester-long. Topics covered include those specifically baby-related, such a greener diapering and potty training tips, to topics for the whole family like how to eat healthier for less and how to compost. The Green Mama Café provides a weekly foundation for a greener lifestyle and it also creates a community of parents that come to rely on each other as essential parts of their daily lives.