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Welcome to the Green Mama Blog

Welcome to the Green Mama Blog

My husband and I are environmentalists the way some people are Artists, or Christians, or Democrats. It defines how we live—how we shop, who we hang out with, what we read, and, of course, how we parent.

There is nothing like parenting, however, to stomp on a person’s self-righteousness. Before I had a baby I imagined the baby’s playroom as a little corner of our sunroom where IT [the baby whose sex we adamantly refused to find out, although we were absolutely sure it was a boy—it wasn’t—] would amuse itself with tasteful wooden toys that it would quickly learn to put away before coming to the table where it would feed itself a delicious, homemade organic meal.

I was obviously delusional.

Parenting moves fast. Now I know. Who has time to spend all day figuring out how to make all the right choices for their kids… and for the environment? And yet, more and more of us want to raise our kids in ways that reflect green values. As a writer and environmentalist, I turn to the computer, the well-connected know-it-all neighbor, the latest parenting and sustainability journals as my guideposts in navigating parenthood. And then I try to remember all I’ve learned while my poopy, crying toddler is clinging to me and I am late for something.

Doing the “right” thing shouldn’t be harder, but sometimes it is. That is why it is so nice to run into another parent who cloth diapers and has a new cleaning tip to share, or to chat on-line with someone trying out organic babyfood recipes, or to discover a new website selling affordable, American-made wooden toys. (Anyone know where to get organic cotton footsies in 2T?) We aren’t all lucky enough to have a friend or neighbor with the same parenting and lifestyle values, but community is still the crux to making parenting easier, especially green parenting, and it certainly makes it all a little more fun.

I hope, together, we can share our stories as we find that balance between living consciously with a child and just getting out the door at all with a toddler. 

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