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Anti-bacterial soaps in schools

What do I do to protect myself from catching colds and flus from my students? I am a teacher and my school loves antibacterial hand soaps. I assume you are going to say not to use them, so what information can I use to help get the support of my school and parents in getting rid of the antibacterial hand soap which, by the way, is not only used in the teachers bathrooms, in the lounges, and in the cafeteria, but also in the students’ bathrooms as well?


My daycare won’t stop spraying on that sunscreen

Just curious what the safer sunscreen options are for daycare? I just read your article on Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm than Good? Probably And it warned against using spray sunscreen: any spray sunscreen. My daycare providers will only apply spray sunscreen, as they don’t touch the kids for legal reasons.

Recommendations for Vitamin D supplementation for women & for pregnancy

I’m a doula that works with pregnant and postpartum women. I get a lot of questions about Vitamin D and I have started taking Vitamin D and notice how good it feels. What does your research say about Vitamin D supplementation?

Real vs Plastic Christmas Tree?

Is it better for the environment to get a real tree or a fake tree? If the fake tree lasts many years I wonder if in the long run that’s better?

Do I lie about Santa Claus and what about the other holiday myths?

What do I do about the Santa Claus thing? I’m inclined to have Santa Claus, a tree, and the whole thing. My husband believes in science and wants only the truth, but will follow my lead. In our confusion we’ve left things off and sort of made no commitment to the holiday at all, which feels really bad. My son is still young and we have another on the way, so I’d like to figure this out soon.