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  • In Search of the Practical Life: New Beginnings

    I’ve been stuck at home for a week. My car, even with snow chains on, can’t make it up our two kilometer, hilly, and now icy road It’s January and a time of new beginnings. As if I didn’t have enough new beginning: leaving the city and moving to a very rural island with my…
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  • A bedtime blessing for children

    A beautiful verse for children: nondenominational, pagan, or Christian bedtime prayer …   A Child’s Bedtime Blessing Mother Goddess, tuck me in Father God, watch over me Please protect my kith and kin And all I love, so may it be. Rock me to sleep, O Lord and Lady And fill my dreams with love…
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  • How to Create Magic In Your Holidays

    How to create more magic in your holidays, regardless of what you believe You don’t have to believe in magic yourself to create magic. But, if you would like to know WHY it is so important that children believe in magic, I encourage you to read the Green Mama article on it. In the article…
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  • Seasonal Prayers for Children: November

    A beautiful, Waldorf-home, natured-inspired blessing/verse for children in the month of November….   Child’s Prayer for November Leaves are twirling everywhere – shaken by the autumn wind, spinning through the air. Thank you for time to play and time to work, time to think and time to dream. This verse is by Juliet Harmer author…
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  • Poem: Mother talks back to the monster

    Mother Talks Back to the Monster Tonight, I dressed my son in astronaut pajamas, kissed his forehead and tucked him in. I turned on his night-light and looked for you in the closet and under the bed. I told him you were nowhere to be found, but I could smell your breath, your musty fur….
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  • The Nature of Childhood Today: What to Know & What to Do

    And 3 ways parents can become the experts on the care of their children for today’s world Let me tell you a story. I grew up poor. American Midwest, subsidized-housing poor. Dirty needles and gunshots on the playground poor. Blocks of orange plastic stuff that was called cheese and came in boxes to your doorstep…
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  • Poem: Leaving Is A Playground Is Not Love

    Leaving Is A Playground Is Not Love  It is the indecision of a seesaw. The wood chips. You told me never again live in  tender. The wood has grain as if I could engrave. For you a monkey bar. For me  straw and light. For you the scurry of an ant. The sky spreads out…
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  • A nondenominational protection prayer for families

    A beautiful blessing for all religions, particularly nice at bedtime… The Protective Robe of Light Prayer I surround myself (or insert name of person here) with the protective robe of light with the love, wisdom, and strength of God not only for my own protection, but for all who see it or come into contact…
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  • Inspirational Wednesday: An Interview with Brad Major of Carbon Sync

    I fell in love with Vancouver’s newest Christmas Tree Rental company because they are so much more than even that (which is a pretty cool thing in and of itself). So, just how green can your Christmas Tree be? I did an interview with Carbon Sync‘s founder Brad Major to find out. 1. How did…
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  • The Mommy Wars: How moms are blamed for what goes wrong & what we can do about it

    When I was a young child, I was poor. I mean, poor-poor. Welfare-poor. Thus, when the study “More Work for Mother: Chemical Body Burdens as a Maternal Responsibility” crossed my desk this week, I knew it was the most important study I had seen all year. Not because it told me anything new, but because…
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  • Making Images for the Green Mama Book

    Manda, better known now as The Green Mama, and I met twenty years ago on the first day of cross-country preseason when I was a freshman and she was a sophomore at Oberlin College.  There was an instant energetic connection that has persisted from the very first moment.  Was it because we were both devout vegans at…
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  • How to Write a Book, Blog, or Article. #MyWritingProcess

    How does a person write a book?   There are as many answers to that as books, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn from looking at the writing process. Indeed, there is much to learn and share and thus I was thrilled to take part in the #MyWritingProcess blog tour. It’s…
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  • Greening Guatemala: Saving Guatemala’s Children One Family at a Time

    What happens when two ordinary Canadians decide to make an extraodindary difference? Project Somos Children’s Village: A home. A family. A future. For the last few years, I have been involved with a very special project: an EcoVillage of sorts for Guatemalan children. My family and I have visited five times: their story and their project have inspired me and hundreds of others to make a difference. Thanks to EcoParent for originally publishing this article.