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The Strolex TriplePlay 5-in-1 Carseat/Stroller

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I just dug this review up from my green mama anals. This is the first product review I ever did and I did it because I LOVE this product. It makes life as a green mama easier. Or, at least, makes life as a car-free green mama easier.

If you have ever tried to take your kid on transit or in a shared car you know what it feels like to be a camel: stroller, carseat, and diaper bag piled high and, somewhere in all of this, the baby.

The Lilly Gold TriplePlay 5-in-1 carseat helps reduce your burden down to the point where you might feel closer to a St. Bernard.

It isn’t the fanciest stroller ever, nor the sturdiest seeming carseat, but Consumer Reports gives it good ratings. They also have very good customer support in my experience.

You’ve probably seen the Sit ‘n Stroll, in the airport where lots of parents rely on it as a way to stroll their toddler around the airport, keep the little one secure on the plane, and provide a safe seat in Grandma’s car on the other side. The best thing about it is that you can leave your child in the seat as you convert it back and forth between stroller and booster.

For an urban green mama, it is almost too good to be true.

Just a note: this product gets such a great rating based entirely on how easy it makes living a greener lifestyle, being better than most carseats in its class by its unique design elements, and not because it is in itself free of waste, produced without using any carbon, or anything like that.

Overall Rating:

Design Rating:

I haven’t found any other toddler carseats that are also strollers like this one. That, and the way you can easily turn the carseat into the stroller and back into a carseat, it’s a great design. This carseat is also easy to install in a car and can be used for babies all the way to children up to 40 pounds.

Value Rating:

At just over $300, this carseat costs in the range of other convertible carseats that work for infants and children, but is also a stroller. For a family living car-free, this is a great value, and for