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Clif Kid ZBAR

Fans of the Clif Bar, a staple in any athlete, outdoorsmen, or grown-up-on-the-go’s backpack since the early 90’s, can now chow down with their kids trail side ! The visionary organic energy bar company has launched Clif Kid’s ZBAR. A great tasting organic bar that has been specially formulated for our favourite little one’s specific caloric and nutrient needs.

What's To Love?:

– All organic ingredients

– Three tasty flavours

– Widely available in Canada and the USA

– Easy to pack for a healthy, low mess snack.


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

The ZBAR is an all-organic baked whole grain bar that will help keep kid’s energy in check. The bar’s have been formulated with kids bodies in mind, and feature an appropriate blend of macro nutrients and finer to keep them feel healthy and happy. We’ve touted the importance of organic vs non organic when it comes to feeding our families time and time again, and the same science applies here! Clif Bar stepped into the world or organic food in a natural way- they were sourcing the most delicious ingredients to make the best tasting bar on the market and found that organics were the way to go for optimal flavour. Once they learned about the positive impact on the planet, farmers, and human health they were hooked.

Design Rating:


Cool and colourful graphics adorn the wrappers on these snacks, letting kids know that the ZBAR is made just for them ! A little more playful and fun than the adult version.

Social Rating:

Clif Bar is committed to positively impacting the communities they work in and with. They even have a specific project called Project 2080 where they strive to donate 2080 hours (that’s how much one full-time employee works in a calendar year)  of community service to non-profit organizations each year.

Carbon Rating:

Reducing waste is an important step in any large manufacturing projects overall carbon foot print reduction. Clif Bars is doing an excellent job on that front. Another way they positively impact their carbon footprint is by manufacturing all of their products in Canada and the USA, which means they don't need to burn as much fossil fuel shipping bars around the globe. Hopefully they are working towards Carbon Neutral Certification by offsetting any carbon they can't cut back.

Waste Rating:

Clif Bars are actively eliminating unnecessary waste all aspects of their operation. Since 2001 they have been working towards a zero waste goal. They are slowly and steadily making small changes with big impacts. From switching to recycled cardboard boxes, eliminating shrink wrapping, and implementing recycling stations in their headquarters, Clif Bars are a company committed to pushing the envelope past reduce, reuse, recycle into the rethink and redesign territory. They are even working with TerraCycle to upcycle their wrappers. Kudos Clif Bar.

Value Rating:

$13.99USD for 18 bars when you buy them directly from Clif Bars website. Individual bars will range in price at your local health food store but shouldn’t run you more than a few dollars a pop. A fair price for organic convenience food.