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Carbon Sync: The Greener Christmas Tree

Perhaps you are wondering whether Plastic versus Real is better when it comes to Christmas Trees? (I’ve got a great article for you!) Or, you know you want real but you want it to be less messy, less work, and more eco-sensitive. Well, this year you can have your tree and carbon sync too thanks to the Vancouver-based Carbon Sync which provides Christmas Tree Rentals (potted and cut) and an innovative bio char technique which captures the carbon from the tree and sequesters it as a carbon-capturing soil enhancer. So, even if you live far away, you can still off-set that tree you got elsewhere with their help!

(I liked this company so much, I decided to interview the founder. Read his inspiring story.)

What's To Love?:

We don’t usually get to have a Christmas Tree at our house–unless you count that potted Ficus with lights–for lots of reasons. This year instead of foregoing this tradition we decided to throw it in with everything else: (Advent, stockings, two Menorahs, and a Gift Witch that comes on Solstice. It’s complicated.) This year, we all just needed a bit more festivity, but I wanted something very “eco” and thus I knew I was going with a Christmas Tree rental. And this wasn’t just any rental, but a cut-tree rental that becomes carbon-capturing bio-char. And, the kids LOVED it–really, really loved it.

1. A truly eco-option. Why own a Christmas Tree and remove–forever–the carbon that it sequesters (and then have to deal with hauling it to a city-approved mulching place afterwards) when you can just rent the tree for the three weeks or so that you actually want it in your living room?

2. These trees are beautiful. Mine seems to be a large Grand Fir. I’ve never seen a Christmas Tree quite like it–a bit like something out of a Dr. Seuss book and perfect for showcasing your non-denominational (or non-Holiday specific) ornaments.

3. Even if you don’t rent a tree from them, you can still buy carbon offsetting credits from Carbon Sync to more than off-set any guilt you have about the tree you chose (and these credits aren’t expensive).

4. They turn these trees into bio-char. “CarbonSync™ biochar returns atmospheric carbon into a rich material that improves soil. The production of one tonne of biochar removes from Earth’s atmosphere three tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e), or 3 carbon credits. Biochar sequesters carbon in a stable form that revitalizes life. This is a tangible carbon offset that you can see and touch.Mixed with compost and added to your garden’s soil, biochar will improve your garden’s productivity by up to 20%. The carbon locked into biochar remains out of the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years.”

 5. You can watch a video about it!


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My only complaint about this amazing service is that it isn’t cheap, although with the smaller potted trees starting at $175, there are options for most budgets, including majestic “hotel” size trees for closer to $499. And carbon credits start for under $10.

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