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Home Ec: Recovery smoothie recipe


The stomach flu has run through our household like an out of control train this week.  All four of us were down for the count and we are each steadily making our way back to the rhythms of our healthy daily life.  I was the last one down and am slowly finding hunger again, or at least a need to consume something lest my blood sugar plummet and my mind become hazy.  I spoke to my mother on the phone this morning and she suggested her old stand-bys for electrolyte replenishment, mainly jello and gatorade. Alas, although I love my mother dearly, I no longer consider these items food, nor did I ever particularly care for them.

I remember when I was giving birth, and throwing up endlessly, my midwife made a delightful concoction of mint tea, lemon, honey and salt.  Yesterday I made myself a pot of tea and added the above ingredients plus cayenne to the brew and that made for good sipping on the hour, but today I’m ready for a bit more.  Thankfully we put up 100 pounds of sour cherries last summer so I have some local sugar at my disposal.  Additionally we keep fair trade bananas on hand and it just so happens to be avocado and mango season in Mexico and our local health food store is swimming in them, so I put this concoction together.  I dare say it is better than jello, but probably has a similar carbon footprint given the distance the tropical fruits had to travel versus the sugarcane harvest and jello factory production.

Smoothie Recipe:

1/2 frozen banana
1/2 ripe avocado
1/3-1/2 cup frozen sour cherries
small handful frozen mango chunks
dash of vanilla extract
1/2-1 cup of your milk of choice, water is also an option here.  I used coconut milk, but almond, rice, cow or goat would work equally well as well

Place all ingredients in your blender and whir away.  The consistency should be light and fluffy, almost like that of a mousse.  Enjoy the easily digestible sugars and step toward full recovery!

smoothie 1