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Mama To Mama: Family Friendly Games Ideas

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“I love to play games with my children, near my children, and at night after my children go to bed.
To learn about my favourite board games for families with children from 0 to 100, read my review where I keep updating with new and old favourites:
A few of our current favourites include: Mystery Garden, Crokinole, Wildcraft, Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, and Ticket-to-Ride.  These are all games that are fun for kids that can’t read and don’t bore adults either. I am also a fan of card games, parlour games, and having kids make up games.
And I love good-old-fahsioined outdoor games. Kids don’t necessarily learn these at school anymore, although at many Waldorf schools children still take a class in these treasured bits of knowledge. You can learn many of them yourself and teach the children in your life with the book Games Children Play by Kim John Payne (of Simplicity Parenting.) When my youngest, who is more introverted, is left to her own at recess she hates it, but whenever she has gotten to participate in more organized outdoor games (not sports, but games) she loves it (‘It’s my favourite school, mama!”) A great tool for reluctant socializers, to help teach cooperation and healthy competition.
And don’t forget all those cool string games we used to learn as a child. Also to be learned from a book such as Finger Strings
-Manda, Mama to two


“With a 4 (almost half) and a 21 month old we are just getting into formalized games. We have a few awesome board games (most from a company called peaceable kingdom), but our go-to right now are puzzles. Puzzles of all kinds. Jig-saw, wooden, and even some we’ve created ourselves. Our easy DIY puzzle involves drawing a picture together, then letting our oldest cut it into a few pieces. It’s not made to last, but we have kept a few they like to cut, then tape, then recut. I try to be involved, but not leading the process.”
– Cecelia, Mama to two
“My favourite games are outdoor games that involve running around, because they are free, I like to run, and I like when my two-year-old runs so much that he has an excellent nights sleep 🙂 We often set up simple obstacle course races in the park, like through the spray park over all the bridges, or just race from here to there.
For an indoor affair, Charades is my number one fun-for-all-ages games night pick. Even small children are surprisingly excellent at acting out clues without words (maybe its because they had to practice so much non-verbal communication as they were learning to speak). You can use the boxed version or you can spend a little time to make your own clues. Its the one game that will get families from great-grandma to the little cousins all involved”
-Laura, Mama to one
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