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Business consulting

Green is big business.

Businesses need information that they can trust and strategies that are sensitive to conserving financial as well as physical resources. The Green Mama can help.


The Green Mama specializes in smaller and family-owned companies, but has also worked with some of the biggest green names: from retail boutiques and distributors of sporting goods to manufacturers of organic baby clothes and foods. We can:

  • Help you find better products or source your entire product selection
  • Create a healthier “front of the house” experience
  • Teach you how to talk about your green choices in a way that reaches the many eco-curious consumers out there
  • Guide you through a holistic business assessment to determine all the ways i n which you can be green, from front to back.

You’ve Decided To Be Green, Now What?

You may know you want to be green and maybe even already know quite a bit about how to be green. But maybe you just don’t have time to do everything. Let us act as team leader to move the green mission forward with action.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you are unsure what service you need, but you are interested in The Green Mama meeting you or your staff and tailoring a project to meet your specific needs or interests, just email manda [at] thegreenmama [dot] com. We can even arrange a half-day consultation for you to pick our brains on every subject from green materials to inspiring the staff to understanding the green lexicon!