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Ask The Green Mama: Baby potty training help for a 19-month-old

Hey, quick green mama advice? Our cloth diaper service is $36/week. That’s a lot. Abe is now 19 mos, we do a lot of “nekkins” time at home, during which he pees on the floor and points to it and says “Pee pee!” He’s also beginning to say “poop” when he either needs to or has already. But he will not sit on the potty, and has not sat on it since he started walking. I caught him trying to sit on it the other day when he was playing by himself in his room, but other than that, nada.

I’m trying to tighten up the budget and about this close to cancelling diaper service. Would you try to convince me otherwise, that the cost is worth it, or will it not make much of a difference in terms of EC at this point? (I know the enviro factor is better, but when we’ve traveled and used 7th gen I can leave 1 diaper on for hours, way longer than with cloth, so I only use a few per day).

J.B. from New York

My advice. Buy a couple cloth diapers that come on and off easily and potty train him NOW. Don’t do the disposable unless traveling as it will reverse your EC (baby potty training) gains fast.

Instead get your little potty and put it where he’s playing AND put him in a cloth pull-up diaper. Get him to sit on that toilet when he says he needs to pee or poop or every hour until he does. Put his favourite few toys aside for this.  Obnoxious toys are great for this. Only let him use them when he’s on the toilet. Only!!!  Think of potty training like diapering. If he got up and ran away when you had to change a poopy diaper you’d still change it.

He’s ready for daytime pottying. It’s just a matter of you getting ready. Summer is perfect. This age is perfect. It’s much less likely at two!!

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