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The book, Green Mama: Giving your child a healthy start and a greener future, published by Dundurn, is here! It’s had a popular–and crazy–first few weeks of “life” but is available at bookstores—and as an e-book—throughout North America, Europe, and soon in Indonesia.

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Last Week's Question:

My family and I live in North Florida. My son has asthma and allergies and he is attending public school in the fourth grade. His teacher refuses to remove her plug in air fresheners. I sent a note to this teacher and a note from his doctor explaining my son’s asthma and offered to buy something less offending to his health. She responded saying she has been a teacher for 28 years and never had a problem, she will not teach in a musty room and did not feel complete without perfume.

Last Week's Answer:

Dear P.U. in FL: What a tough, but not unique situation. Many children are experiencing asthma and allergy flare-ups due to indoor air pollution in schools. I can read in your email that this is now impacting you and your son directly. It sounds like you are working to have open communication with your school…
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