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YOU are important. Parents, entrepreneurs, school teachers, daycare administrators, bloggers, nonprofit workers, planners… caring for the world and our families is the most important work there is, whatever form it takes. Whether your family is three kids and a husband, you and your dog, a really big book project, a really small business, or the whole world… everyone needs help.

You are at the right place. The Green Mama brings traditional wisdom together with modern science and lots of heart with lots of humor, to help you make the future a “greener” place for everyone.

The book, Green Mama: Giving your child a healthy start and a greener future, published by Dundurn, is here! It’s had a popular–and crazy–first few weeks of “life” but is available at bookstores—and as an e-book—throughout North America, Europe, and soon in Indonesia.

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Last Week's Question:

Are cast iron skillets safe?  Thank you!

Last Week's Answer:

Dear ‘Cooking Safe with’ Julie: I regularly bring Chef Ellen King to talk with The Green Mama Cafe and she has taught us a lot about cast iron.  She recommends them as the BEST pans with which to cook.  I have looked for more information and everything I find suggests that not only are they…
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