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Last Week's Question:

What do I do to protect myself from catching colds and flus from my students? I am a teacher and my school loves antibacterial hand soaps. I assume you are going to say not to use them, so what information can I use to help get the support of my school and parents in getting rid of the antibacterial hand soap which, by the way, is not only used in the teachers bathrooms, in the lounges, and in the cafeteria, but also in the students’ bathrooms as well?


Last Week's Answer:

Dear Teach: You know The Green Mama well! Anti-bacterial hand soaps are one of my least favorite things to see in schools. Why?   1. Triclosan. Triclosan is the anti-bacterial property used in many hand soaps (76% of 395 commercial soaps examined in a recent EWG report). It is a pesticide that’s closely related to…
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